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The European Fire Academy (ESA) is a network of high-level for anyone who is interested in fire prevention, rescue and civil protection in Europe. We are dedicated to providing models for best practice in the field of fire protection in Europe.

ESA is connected to our audience without any further political or commercial obligations.Within our network we bring senior professionals in the field of fire prevention and control of burn victims and representatives of cities across Europe – including Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest, Dublin, London, Paris, Stockholm, The Hague and Warsaw together.The ESA network is a vital link for politicians both at European and national level, and invites interested media and technology partners to join the network to connect. Companies active in the field of intervention and prevention support ESA as technology partners.

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EBCA, the European Association for the victims of burns: who are we and what do we do?

EBCA (European Burns Casualties Association) was founded in June 2008 at the initiative of the Association des Brules de France (ABF) (FR) et Pinocchio (B), with the aim of the rights of victims of burns to defend Europe.

EBCA wish the knowledge of the politicians in terms of injuries and deaths caused by burns to expand its origin (statistics) and prevention (fire safety). This complete and reliable collection of European statistics on injuries and death from burns, with the aim of politics and European regulations to adjust for the improvement of burn prevention (detection of fire, the safety of consumer products, evacuation plans and improving care for patients in their care).

EBCA will focus on the area from which arise the injuries and deaths caused by burns, to evaluate the number of annual casualty reduction. EBCA wants to be the voice of patients and individuals from every country and them as a neutral forum to give more resources and synergies across the EU in taking the decision on all elements relating to the burns and fire safety.

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